1. May I bring in my own alcohol and vendors or do I have to use yours?

Absolutely you may bring in your own alcohol and vendors. We have done a lot of research for our Vendor List and feel it is a good one, but you are free to use whomever you wish. There is no additional cost to bring in your own alcohol or use a vendor not on our list.


2.   Do I have to have a bartender or may I have a friend tend bar or have guests self-serve?

You do not technically need a bartender, and self-serve functions are allowed, however it is STRONGLY encouraged as you do not want people to overindulge. Having a bartender also ensures you do not have to “be the bad guy” and your alcohol will last later into the evening. For 50 or fewer people, we recommend at least one bartender. For 51 or more people, we recommend at least two bartenders. 

3.  What if I only rent the downstairs portion of the venue? Are we still allowed to use the restrooms upstairs?

Absolutely. The 1888 House has four restrooms and your guests are welcome to use them regardless of what portions of the venue you have rented. 


4.  We have booked The Dahlonega Square Hotel & Villas for our wedding guests. Do we receive any discounts at The 1888 House

We appreciate your business at The Dahlonega Square Hotel & Villas, but they are two separate LLC’s and therefore we do not provide any additional discounts for renting both. 

5.  If I don’t rent out the Upstairs Conference Room for Hair and Makeup, am I allowed to do that in the Bride’s Room?

As there are limited electrical outlets and antiques in our Bride’s Room, we do not allow hair and makeup to be done in the Bride’s Room. The Conference Room can be rented for an additional $150, as an add-on to the Bride’s Room. For groups of more than five people, the Cocktail Patio must be added for additional room. 


6.  How many parking spaces are at The 1888 House? If we have additional cars, where will they park?

We have 36 spaces in The 1888 House parking lot. If additional spaces are needed, Historic District parking is available on a first come, first served basis. 


7.  Will someone be on site the entire day for my event or are we alone to conduct our event?

We will have an 1888 House staff member present to let you into the facility and show you how to run the AV/Sound equipment. A staff member will be in and out throughout your day to ensure that everything is moving smoothly and questions are answered in a timely manner. A staff member will not be present all 13-hours of your event, but will be close by if needed. You will be given a direct contact number to call.


8.  Do I need to set up The 1888 House or will it already be prepared for my event?

You will be sent a floor plan to finalize two weeks prior to your event. This will show how the facility will be staged upon your arrival. If you have rented linens from The 1888 House, the linens will be placed upon the tables. If linens have not been rented, the tables will be bare. You do not need to rent linens from The 1888 House, and may bring your own.


9.  What if we don’t know how many chairs we will need because no one RSVPs anymore and we are casual people? Can we have an 1888 House staff member bring in more chairs or tables on the day of our event if we need them?

We do not move any tables or chairs on the day of your event. We encourage you to be as precise as possible with your guest list as your caterer will also need that information before your event. Your final count will be due to The 1888 House two weeks before your event. We suggest strongly that you call anyone who has not RSVP’ed to ensure accurate numbers.


10.We want to bring in our own food and we have a family member who wants to gift us their experience as a chef. Do we need a licensed caterer or can we do it ourselves? 

We have no rules or regulations that specify that you cannot make your own food and serve it. Technically that is allowed. Is this something we recommend? No. The family member offering such a lovely gift will want to join in the festivities and will not be able to do so because they will be in the kitchen. Also, we have seen too many events with VIPs of that event incredibly stressed out because at the last minute, things happen. You want everyone to be able to enjoy your event, including the people you love, and hiring a caterer and wait staff will ensure that your event will be smoothly executed and enjoyed by all. 


11. Does hostess service include clean up? 

Here at The 1888 House we provide light hostess service which includes taking the trash out, keeping the restrooms tidy during the event, as well as checking in with the guests. However, the clean up responsibility after the event concludes usually falls on either the caterer or the host. A cleaning fee is included in all event pricing, so clients are only responsible for taking left over food and decor brought in by the client at the end of the evening. 

12. Does The 1888 House provide table linens and/or decorations? 

At The 1888 House we do have a variety of table linens and decorations for a minimal charge. Our table linens may be rented in black, ivory and navy for 6 and 8-ft tables, buffet tables and high top tables. We also have decorations such as a beige tufted bench for opening gifts during bridal and baby showers, greenery, a decorated arch, glass votives and mirror plates, and customizable chalkboards with gorgeous script handled in-house. Should any items be rented, all will be already set up and ready to go. A full list is available upon request. 


13. Do you have vendor recommendations? 

Here at The 1888 House we have worked with a multitude of vendors over the years. We have carefully created a list of some of the best vendors (i.e caterers, bartenders, florists, bakers, etc.) that we provide all of our clients upon first inquiry. Should you decide to think “outside the box” and want specialty vendors for a different experience, our team is a wealth of information and can put you in touch with other vendors. 


14. How many centerpieces will I need for my tables?

Typically, we recommend at least two centerpieces for eight-foot tables and one centerpiece for six-foot tables. We also would recommend consulting a florist for other ideas, like table garland. 


15. Is refrigeration available to use on the day of our event? What is provided in the kitchen?

Yes, we do have a full caterer’s warming kitchen, complete with a commercial freezer, commercial refrigerator, 15-pan warming oven, commercial oven, commercial dishwasher, prep station, and six sinks. You will have plenty of space to refrigerate on the day of your event. There are also two wine refrigerators in the Cocktail Patio, if the Cocktail Patio has been rented or included in your package. 


16. Am I allowed to hang signage on the walls with tape or Command Strips, burn candles, use confetti or sparklers or use rose petals throughout the house for a romantic effect?

While we love the ambiance of lit candles, we do not allow any flame candles in the facility. We allow flameless candles only. We do not allow anything taped to the wall in any manner and we do not allow sparklers or confetti/rose petals. We do allow signs to be hung with fishing wire and anchored in ways that do not cause damage to the facility. This is a historic house and we do not want it damaged at any point during an event. 


17. Does your facility charge by the head or is there one set price to host an event? 

We do not charge by the head. We have set prices for all our events. Whether you have six people or 86 people, the head count does not affect overall pricing. It will affect linen costs, however, because the more tables one needs, the more linens one will also require.