1888 House Side View.jpg

ABOUT  The 1888 House: 


The 1888 House is a beautiful, historic home located steps from the historic Dahlonega square. Once called “The Higgins’ Home,” the most easily accessible records showed the home was constructed in 1888 and has been home to past University of North Georgia presidents as well as notable Dahlonega residents, including a judge and the first editor of The Dahlonega Nugget. The home was purchased by Catherine and Johnny Ariemma in 2016 and lovingly restored by them to its former glory. Family friend, Dr. Manny Carvalho, stumbled upon some rare documents and discovered the home was not actually constructed in 1888, but was built in 1881! As with much Dahlonega lore, the family believed that the home should be called The 1888 House as a nod to the buried secrets left behind by Dahlonega residents of yesteryear, plus it just sounded better! 


The 1888 House was restored by the same couple who saved the historic “McGuire House”, which is now known as The Dahlonega Square Hotel & Villas.  It is their dearest wish to see The 1888 House come alive again with happy memories of special events for years to come.